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23 November 2020 - 27 November 2020
Life Science Open Space Online Week 2020

Career in Life Science

Wednesday 25.11, 15:00-17:00 PM
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Session leader: ExecMind - Life Science Executive Search

Session Keynote: 
Karolina Jarosińska, ExecMind, "Key challenges on Life Science market – Polish perspective"

Session Presentations:

  1. Paweł Laskowski, Polonium Foundation, "Polonium Foundation
  2. Antoni Mikołajczyk, Croda Poland, "Croda – Smart Science to Improve Lives™"
  3. Katarzyna Nagórska, AstraZeneca Pharma Poland, "Career opportunities at AstraZeneca Pharma Poland"
  4. Maciej Malawski, Sano, "Career at Sano Centre for Computational Medicine – Your Opportunity to Make an Impact"
  5. Rafał Kunaszyk, Eurokreator, "Sektorowa Rada ds Kompetencji Sektora Chemicznego - platforma inicjowania przemysłu 5.0 dla sektora chemicznego"

      Life Science is a job offer in the sector of biotechnology, bio-engineering, medical technologies, bioeconomy, food, telemedicine, digital health and many others. The large diversification of the industry results in the demand for specialists in various fields - from scientists specializing in drug development, through programmers, engineers, technologists as well as managers and technology brokers. Today, a career in Life Science in Poland includes hundreds of companies offering work in various fields - an opportunity for many people who want to work in both science and industry.

      Session participants and those using the PARTNERING option will be able to:

      • Get to know key decision-makers in companies from the Life Science industry
      • Find out about working in a biotechnology company
      • Get to know development paths in the Life Science industry
      • Introduce themselves and discuss their career opportunities
      • Find out who the leading companies are looking for
      • Find a new employer without waiting for their dream job

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