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23 November 2020 - 27 November 2020
Life Science Open Space Online Week 2020

Life Science StartUp Scene

Friday 27.11, 10:00 AM-13:00 PM
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Session leader: Michał Adamczyk, Kraków Miastem Startupów

Session Keynote:

Rafał Witkowski, ICS Solution, "Paperless as a weapon against COVID-19"


  1. Piotr Makówka, Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi - Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii, "Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi"
  2. Robert Grygorowicz, Speed Up, "SpeedUp Venture Capital Group"
  3. dr Tomasz Kaniowski, Augere Health Food Fund, "Auguere Venture"
  4. Karol Makowski, Warmie, "WARMIE System zdalnego i ciągłego monitorowania temperatury ran i ciała pacjentów w celu wykrywania infekcji"
  5. Piotr Kaleta, Healthly, "Healthly - ultimate solution for telemedicine!"
  6. Marcin Waryszak, Mateusz Masiak, Calmsie, "Calmsie"
  7. Tomasz Stramek, PCP Pharma, "PCP Pharma S.A. - publiczna emisja akcji"
  8. Dominik Mazur, Takes Care, "TakesCare - We care about you"
  9. Mateusz Kierepka, Biominds, "We provide a new and more effective way of neurological rehabilitation"

        Among the challenges that new business ventures based on innovation have to face, the most important are those concerning the right place and way to show up and establish beneficial relationships with potential partners. Innovators must be able to establish direct relationships with industry, Business Angels, Seed Funds and VC. Early contact with people who know the industry, market, barriers and opportunities can be both an element of preparation and verification of the startup idea.

        The session is dedicated to new business ventures and their needs related to entering the market, rescaling activities and financing development.

        Session participants and those using the PARTNERING option will be able to:

        • present offers of cooperation with startups and presentation of specific needs regarding solutions, technologies, products,
        • present the investment policy and expectations regarding the preparation of business projects,
        • present startups to verify/increase their value and prepare an exit strategy or subsequent financing rounds,
        • obtain an objective opinion and verify the idea that authors always find unusual,
        • signal interesting projects around which you need to build the right aura and interest constantly,
        • acquire partners for further activities, both with financial and substantive contributions

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